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Welcome to Endless Scroll, the brainchild of Eli Enis (he/him), Eric Bennett (they/them), Miranda Reinert (she/her), and Michael Brooks (he/him). Since Feb. 2019, we’ve been a weekly podcast about music, the internet, and where those two things intersect. Now we're also a weekly roundup of songs.

Our format is simple: each of our hosts picks a song they love and writes about it.

Each week there will be one free post, and at the end of the month, an extra paid post. You can gain access to that be signing up on Patreon at the 2$/month Poster tier, or higher.

We ask that you do not start a paid subscription here on Substack, as its minimum cost is higher than what we are asking.

Who are we?

Eric and Eli met in college and bonded over a mutual love of underground music at their student radio station, WCDB Albany. Within a year of graduating in 2017, the two of them moved to Pittsburgh, PA, where they frequently see live music together in non-pandemic times. Overtime, they met Michael Brooks and Miranda Reinert within the ecosystem of Music Twitter. The two made many appearances on the podcast leading to them becoming its hosts. The four have become great friends and hope to one day meet in person, if only so they can compare each other's heights. 

Eric Bennett is an editor, and the standard-bearer for music that's not emo, at The Alternative, perpetual intern, and D&D enthusiast living in Pittsburgh, PA. You can follow them on Twitter at @violet_by_hole.

Michael Brooks is a music writer, and the heart and soul of Central Illinois. On top of co-hosting Endless Scroll he’s an editor at The Alternative and has written for FLOOD Magazine, The Grey Estates, and Merry-go-Round Magazine. You can follow him on Twitter at @nomichaelbrooks

Eli Enis is an editor at Revolver, with bylines at Rolling Stone, Billboard, Entertainment Weekly, Stereogum, Bandcamp, and elsewhere. You can follow him on Twitter at @eli_enis

Miranda Reinert is a writer with a music adjacent newsletter, zine maker, and law school drop out based in Philadelphia. Follow her on Twitter to hear more about music and to yell at her for her one D4 opinion at @mirandareinert

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Endless Scroll

We're a newsletter and a podcast about music, the internet, and where they intersect. Our names are Eli Enis (he/him), Eric Bennett (they/them), Miranda Reinert (she/her), and Michael Brooks (he/him)